Community Spotlight - Flip - November

November's Community Spotlight - Flip

Flip joined TheCrewRp back in 2019, at the beginning, when it was just a pipe dream so to speak, and at times would be the only one on the server for hours at a time, which enabled him to get a lot of stuff done for the admin / dev side of the server.

He initially started out actual RP with a mess around character, that was more used for letting PD chase and pull over for training and procedures. After this, Flip joined LSPD on the character Briony Keightley, and he remembers on day 1, as a cadet, getting kidnapped at gun point, and took advantage of ejecting himself from the car, when the kidnappers were not paying attention.

Once the FD come into the server Flip also joined there under the character Hugh Jass, and worked his way up from Trainee to Driver/Engineer. It was also around this time he decided to remake his PD character who was known as Bob Sherunkle, and Bob quickly climbed the ranks of PD.

Once we moved over from vRP to ESX, Bob was Flip's main character as the FD was being re-worked and was not in the city after the swap over, so that gave Bob the chance to make it all the way up to Captain of the PD.

Once the FD arrived back into the city, Hugh re-appeared in the city more often, even though he had been in and out while waiting for the FD. It was around this time, due to Bob not been happy with certain things and no-one really listening to him or not telling him stuff, that Bob decided to retire from the PD and his outgoing order was for Wimley to be promoted to Captain. This also allowed Hugh to become Captain of the FD.

Hugh has since moved to Fire Chief since the passing of Matt Cheesecake in a fire in the city. As Cheif, Hugh is allowed to spend time talking to City Planners and vehicle manufactures.

Flip also has several other characters, who do not get in the city as much, though 1 of the others which is semi known is his Astro clone, Trashtro Trashimov, who started as a Crim and poor Astro was getting the blame for some of his crimes. Trashtro has since moved to being a Mechanic, though has had run-ins with some of the other mechanics, and thus isn't seen as much.

Most of his other characters either don't have a storyline yet or are burn / test characters.

Outside of Flip's RP & LSA duties, he spends time on regular Admin duties, as well as helping out on the dev team and testing server.

Flip plans on getting back to streaming, once he can figure some local issues out with software and audio routing.