Community Spotlight - Redsword791 - August

August's Community Spotlight - Redsword791

Hey there, name is Redsword. Everyone knows me either a s Michael or Lucky. I have been playing on TheCrew for about a year now. I truly love playing on the server and experiencing the stories that come from it.
My 2 main characters are Michael Waters and Lucky.

Mike is a mechanic and a OG Ex member of SSC. He is a quiet, thoughtful criminal. He refuses to just run and gun. His strategies were an intricate part of SSC. While quiet, he does not take disrespect lightly. When SSC broke up Michael took it pretty hard, and he kind of went into the shadows. However, he does come out now and then. He just doesn't make it really known, but to a few people, like Levi and Jaha, who are the 2 people he trusts the most.

I also play Lucky, probably my top favorite character to play. He is as country as it gets. He lives in a little shack out in Grapeseed where he has his moonshine still. Moonshine is his business. He sells to the local bars and others that want some of his product. Lucky also likes to get into a little mischief now and then. Stuff like stealing rusty tractors and giant dump trucks. He brings them into the city to have a drunken low speed chase with the police. His favorite past time is chopping cars to make more money on the side so he can buy his moonshine running vehicles.

Not much more to say other then I love everyone on the server. The stories and drama that unfolds is truly epic. The Rp is top notch and we have some of the best people in the RP scene.

Stay Classy Los Santos, Redsword791