Community Spotlight - Waldhar - October

Community Spotlight - Waldhar

Waldhar joined TheCrewRp in May of 2019 after lurking in Ezilii’s stream for well over a year and following another streamer who plays GTA RP. He was convinced to try RP when Ezilii mentioned that this server was welcoming to new roleplayers. Having never done any roleplay prior to TheCrewRp he instantly became hooked and loves every moment of it.

Waldhar's first character was Bob Holmes, a psychiatrist who started drinking heavily and lost everything. Caring only for his booze he liked to go to the convenience stores and “borrow” a drink or two. Bob was shot and killed in an attempted bank robbery when he was trying to get money to pay his lawyer fees.

Walter Boyle was his second character who started work at EMS and quickly climbed the ranks, his kind-hearted but business-like attitude was a joy to play, and while he helped heal many he never let anyone into his heart until it was too late. Time had passed and when he finally expressed his feelings to the love of his life, he passed away.

Vito Porgini, Waldhar's third and most favorite character so far, was tough to the outside and a kind family man to the inside. Playing as part of the Mob was a treat and Waldhar loved every minute of playing it. The most fun was hosting and or helping with the Saturday night Porgini events, giving back to the community, and the conflict drama RP. Vito died recently due to complications of 2 gun shot wounds to the chest.

Currently, Waldhar is playing 2 characters, Charlie Walters, in EMS, and Diesel Bandini, a biker.
Charlie is investigating a rumor that there is a doctor who murders people and he is taking it way too seriously “Conspiracy”! Diesel is brand new and I am still developing his story. So far he is a Biker who cares more about how his hair looks than anything else in the world.