Dev Diary - February 2021


Development Diary!

February 2021

A branch on my branch?!

A month ago we all started with a new team centred around Crappy. As the longest-serving custodian of the dev team, he has developed a roadmap which I’m sure you all saw by now, and if you have not, go check it out. 

But he was not the first in that role and as such we all, including Crappy, had to familiarize ourselves with the work done by those before us. In some cases it was as easy as looking in a folder, in others, it was a dive into the depts of the unknown. Every developer has their own way of marking things, and things logical to them might not be logical to us. I call this period of time, the fallen tree. 

The fallen tree is not dead yet, it is the core of what we are creating. And once we are all lined up to our part of the fallen tree we can start working and nurturing our own saplings that grow from its trunk. Sometimes those saplings grow fast, and sometimes they grow slower. 

With the horticulture references aside, let me introduce you to my sapling. I’ve named him Milo, after a file type the game uses. Milo grew a branch, that branch then grew 11 more branches, and those branches combined great 500+ leaves.

Oh, wait I’m still talking about plants. Let’s try this again. Each development project starts with the core, the files and scripts that are currently in place. After each patch, a developer grabs a copy of that core, a branch. All work we do is on this new branch, it prevents us from interfering with each other’s work, and from accidentally breaking the server. We then make branches stemming from that main branch we created, for this project I created a total of 11 branches. After each major change that I tested a new branch was made to make sure that the subsequent changes did not break the work, I have already done.

Now 11 branches might not sound like a lot, but in total, those branches included 500+ file changes. But Jan I thought you were only working on maps? 

And yes maps are my main focus, however, changing maps comes with changing other scripts as well. Some are simple but still time-consuming, simple things like moving all the interaction points can take hours. Others take days, in this case adding all the new doors required a complete replacement of the existing door script, which meant manually reading all the doors that needed locks. 

How many doors you ask? 92! And with the doors in place came moving the interaction points, followed by QoL changes to our new and existing maps. Working out which maps we use, and which we do not. Ironing out all the bugs, and adjusting the changes after everything was brought on to the test server and tested. And with that, we came to almost 30 work hours being spent on this project over a span of two weeks. And now on to the next one!

What else are we doing? 

Silent and TheCrappyGamer: 

More bugs, more squishes, someone call Nadiya. Love for our neglected services like the Park Rangers and DoC. Preparing resources for future patches, and researching how to rework our core framework to work for us. 


He’s been busy implementing and fine-tuning our new garage system, it’s not perfect yet and work will continue on it until it is ready for implementation on the main server. Until then it will reside on the test server and will allow you all to test it. 


Updating the liveries, adjusting vehicles, bringing in new liveries. Idk what am I a car salesman or something?!