Featured Streamer - KayWolf9700

Featured Streamer: KayWolf9700

Kay’s first experience of rp was when she got attached to some DND groups about a couple years ago. She didn’t really get too in depth with rp until she started to watch Rawb stream. One day, KayWolf was bored and was looking through some of Rawb’s VODs, and saw one about TheCrewRp. She began to watch it, and was hooked almost immediately. She then found Purple and started to watch him. About two months after watching vods and stuff, Kay decided to get into playing. That was back in September of last year.

    Her first character was Kiara Wolfe, or as most people called her Kia. KayWolf’s goal with her was that she was going to become a taxi driver, maybe a cop, eventually, once I got the hang of this kind of rp. But then The Vipers Motorcycle Club was introduced to her, and she took the chance to have Kia go down that path. Kia would end up becoming the Vice President and host motorcycle rallies each week.

    Come February, Renegade offered to let her play a Wastelander. So Kay made Nix Tron, with the intention that Kia would never not be her main character.  Nix would just be someone that would hop in to do crime and stuff. With Nix, KayWolf truly got to learn how to rp. Nix’s story took an unexpected turn when Covid-19 happened, Kay was able to RP a lot more frequently and got to meet morning rp-ers that she hadn’t gotten the chance to really rp with previously. Nix’s redemption story of how she stopped doing crime and started to work her life around and eventually become a cop has been some of the best rp that Kay has done. Nix soon became the main and Kia was put on a shelf for a little bit, until recently, when KayWolf decided to pull her out every once and awhile to do crime rp. 

    Kay started streaming early May, after people encouraged her from Renegade’s stream, to try her hand at it. She wasn’t too sure but once she started, Kay wished she had started a long time ago. She loves being able to not only showcase Nix’s story but also those around that don’t stream.

    TheCrewRp has so many amazing stories going on and KayWolf is glad to be able to add her stories to the mix of everything that is going on.

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