Featured Streamer - TurtleNumber13

Turtle, a nickname he was given in school because of a backpack he always carried, grew up in Alaska. He spent the warmer months of the year adventuring, and the colder months watching movies and playing video games. His adolescence was spent trying to fit in with many different groups in school; from playing basketball for 3 years, to playing Magic the Gathering, and everything in between.

After being ridiculed by his teammates, for hanging out with the more nerdy and gothic kids, Turtle quit basketball in order to focus more on his studies… And then promptly failed his English class. He was put into a reading group during summer school, meeting many of the book worms, which led him to joining the Drama club in 12th grade. It was there that Turtle discovered his love of story-telling. 

After high school Turtle, much to his father’s disappointment, went to trade school for computers. Deciding to learn as much as he could about media and video games, he made over 100 songs with Fruityloops, designed websites, and edited videos. He uploaded his first videos to YouTube in 2006; making a variety of different content from AMVs, to WoW tutorials, to CoD highlights. He joined Twitch in 2012 and got Affiliate in 2018. 

Turtle found out about TheCrewRp while watching ImperialJedi and Ezilii’s streams early in the server’s life. However, having never played any GTA games, Turtle was a bit hesitant to get into RP at first. Realizing being in the Drama club, and enjoying story-telling, would help with improv and adapting to any scene, it seemed like Turtle had finally found a niche for streaming.

Turtle’s first character on TheCrewRp, created in April of 2019, was Astro Asimov. A goofy robot, who discovered he’s actually a cyborg, with an auto-tuned voice. A happy go lucky character, who is influenced by those around him and thrives in playing the role of support, he was meant to allow Turtle to learn the mechanics of the game but ended up becoming his main character. After about a month, Turtle created his crim character, Zeke Zekley, in an attempt to explore the darker side of Los Santos. After a joke about cloning was made, a bunch of people in the community made Astro-like characters such as Trashtro (DJFlip), Lawstro (Jhonner), and Katstro (Yumi). More recently, Turtle has started playing Les McBurney; A burley firefighter who just wants to save cats from trees. And maybe also fight fires.

Turtle hopes that his streams will help people discover how fun and rewarding roleplay can be, and to inspire them to not only tell their own stories, but to help others around them tell amazing stories too.

Find TurtleNumber13:

Twitch: http://twitch.tv/turtlenumber13

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Turtlenumber13