Job Pay Balance! October 3rd, 2020 12am

Hello Roleplayers!

The Business and Economy Team have listened to your feedback, and under guidance and approval of the Admin Staff, are pushing a change to help simplify the pay structure on the server.

This change follows a philosophy of "Tell the stories you want to tell."  We agree money can be a hindrance.  We agree money is often a lure when it shouldn't be. We agree players should feel free to RP jobs they wish because they wish to RP those jobs.

As such, the following changes are going to go into effect starting at the midnight blackout, October 2nd:

1.  There will be a two-tiered pay structure for all tics across the city.
2.  Civilian Jobs--Bus, Fishing, Fuel, Garbage, Miner, Mechanic, Storeclerk, Tailor, Taxi, AND Unemployed--earn a flat per-tic rate of $175.
3.  City Services Jobs--PD, FD, EMS, DOC, Clerk, Judge, Lawyer earn a flat per-tic rate of $350 regardless of rank.

This simplification to two tiers is to allow players to RP the civ jobs without fear that they are falling behind on the money grind because their character is a trash man.  Work with dignity my friends! Or stand around.  You make the same, so explore the options of RP!

For the City Services workers, if your character wishes to chase a rank, go for it!  The pursuit of money is no longer a motivating factor, you have to want to be that job, but if you don't, it's still comfy wherever your character sits (with a little extra as thanks for the hard work.)

House, car, and daily item prices won't be changing at this time.  As the concept of money on an RP server is one we are charged to monitor, we encourage all players to send feedback to the econ team regarding this as we move forward to create the server we all want to play on. Starting at 12am black the new pay will be implemented!

Enjoy the raise, everyone!