Patch Notes - 02-14-2020 - 4PM Blackout

  • The Los Santos Housing Authority has made some changes, and businesses can now be purchased through your favorite realtor
  • The city has gotten a wider variety of clothing to choose from
  • Just in time for Valentine's day, a flower shop has opened up on Vespucci
  • The gas station in Paleto has received an overhaul
  • Church moved to church in the city cemetery
  • A new pub has opened in town! Come down to O'Connors Irish Pub just across the street from the Casino!
  • The new garage system is implemented, and is now live. The city valets are mad about losing their job, and moved everyone's vehicles to the Bus Station across from Pillbox.
    • You are able to give your vehicle to other players using /givekeys. Make sure that you collect any moneys due first!
  • Park rangers will now show as online in the city officials display (counters)

NOTE: New uniform numbers for DOC are not in yet, some textures need fixing, small bug fixes still incoming as well.

NOTE: Due to me being busy with work, I was unable to get real estate changes in before patch. A subsequent patch will be released later in the week with this change.