Patch v70 Sept 20, 2020

Personal Housing

The time has finally come! Personal Housing is now available! You can now buy and share housing with other players. This includes the following:

-Personal and shared storage, and wardrobe for each player that is shared among all houses. 
-Doorbell that can be used and heard to anyone within the home.
-Shareable keys that can be provided to your friends or family to access your home.
-Shared garage among all of your houses including those that you have keys for.

Speak to a real estate agent today to get a tour of all the available properties!

New In Server Help Ticketing System 

A new In-game ticket system has been added. You can now request server-admin help directly in game using the /help command. Just type your message into the box when asked, and it will be delivered to the appropriate teams.

Dumpsters and Blind Drops

Private and public trash receptacles have been installed. Have some items you want to get rid of, but don't want to pollute? Drop them into a public trash receptacle (designated by a white recycle icon on the map), and they will be gone next blackout! Private trash receptacles on the other hand will very rarely be emptied out so be careful what you put in there!

Sounds Returned

Vehicle door lock sounds (and other interactive sounds) have been fixed going forward.

Need a License? City Clerks Can Help

City clerks are now being hired in the city to manage city related tasks.This also includes a city paid vehicle!

CurveRadio Has Moved In

CurveRadio has finally established ground in the city, and is available for your listening pleasure!

Dedicated Dispatch Update (Now Hiring!)

Dispatch has been reworked to make it easier to use and more efficient. Emergency Services should use Mutual Aid 1 when Central Dispatch is not on duty.

New Business Locations

New businesses have opened up in town. Check them out today!

- Pearls restaurant on the pier
- Pearls night club on the pier (above pearls)
- Cherry Popper Ice Cream Shop
- Hotdog Stand

Drug Rework

- Harvesting of drugs has been significantly reworked.
- Breaking down drugs into various stages offers more variety and payout.

Sandy Medical Remodel

Sandy medical has been remodeled! Come pay the doctors a visit and get a tour of the new facility!

Prison Remodel

The prison has been remodeled! A fresh new coat of paint, and more cells and activities to do for prisoners and DOC alike.

Emergency Vehicle Refresh

All Emergency Services have found some additional funding and purchased a new and specially tuned fleet of vehicles! This also includes DOC, Park rangers, and Beach Patrol!

Weapon Licensing

Gun licensing has now been implemented, and you must purchase a license from the city before purchasing certain weapons from Ammunation. Speak to a city clerk for more details!

Shots Fired Tweak

Shots fired has been tweaked to have a chance to not send an alert and is no longer 100% accurate.

Emotes, Walk Styles And More

Long gone are the days of the previous 'K' menu. In its place is a much more robust K menu complete with walk style animations, shared emotes, facial expressions, and some additional general animations. Oh wait, did we say some? We meant a whole bunch of general animations!

Criminal Adventure

Criminals have a new adventure awaiting them on the yacht in Paleto.  This is a new high-risk adventure that has never been on any server before.  Gather your partners in crime and gather supplies!  Make sure you have a power source for anything you need!

Chill Pill

Opt in to reducing your damage to extend gun battles for roleplay. "You chillin? Yeah I'm chillin too."