Priority Queue Incoming!

Hello, Roleplayers!

Priority Queue is right around the corner friends and that means it's time to make considerations for those who will be invited into this privilege! 

An anonymous group has been formed to search the community for our best candidates! This is not an application process and this group has been chosen for their diversity, unbiased opinion in addition to being masters of Roleplay. Our priority queue is a privilege, an award, a gift that says "We want you in the city helping to form top tier Roleplay"

Keep an eye on your inbox! 


You might be asking "How do I get an invite do Priority Queue?"

Although, not all are requirements, these are some great guidelines and the bar to aim for. Ask yourself:

-Is your audio and microphone fantastic? 
-Do you stream for TheCrewRp? 
-Are you creating unique content for TheCrewRp? 
-Do we see you active in our Discord and Social Media? 
-Do you create or enhance stories with your RP partners? 
-Does your Roleplay stand out? 
-Are you respecting the community rules? 
-Do you get mentioned positively in RP feedback? 
-Do YOU mention others in RP feedback? 
-Are you a positive person on Social Media? 
-Do you have all your social media links in your Discord profile so we can check them out? 
-Do you reach out for help or offer help to the community when needed?