Welcome to TheCrewRp's ARK Server!

TheCrewRp community utilizes the tools of assuming positive intent and using fearless feedback to strengthen our communication and relationships. We are focused on roleplay in our Grand Theft Auto server, but we also want to build lasting friendships with one another.  In order to do that, we play other games together as well.

We invite you to join us in Discord to play ARK: Survival Evolved with us.


Why Join

Maybe you’ve never played before, or maybe you're a seasoned veteran.  Good news!  Our settings give new players a bit of a boost, make taming and breeding pretty fast, and still gives a challenge to the seasoned players.  A Welcome Center is built on every map, to give you starting tools, clothing, and even a starting base, if you so choose.  In ARK, we all die a lot.  It’s a world filled with vicious dinosaurs and harsh terrain, but when playing with friends, it’s a lot of fun, too.

TheCrewRp's ARK server is a PvE server, so that means the wild dinosaurs are your enemies.  Other tribes, people, their tamed dinosaurs and bases are your allies.  On your first day, someone will welcome you in and show you around.

Since June 15, we've played on The Island, Valguero, and now Crystal Isles. All of us worked together to defeat the beta bosses on Valguero and get the element everyone needed.  Taming is easy when you have friends to help as well. Our server is on Nitrado, one of the most widely used and recognized ARK server providers.


How to Join

Joining our community is simple. Fill out the application. It serves as a way for you to introduce yourself to us, and for use to introduce ourselves and values to you. Once you have completed the application, join the Discord. Please have your DMs open for the password to our ARK server. Thanks for your interest in playing with us.