Community Spotlight - Kunai - September

September Community Spotlight - Kunai

I'm Kunai, one of our younger roleplay lads at 19. I found TheCrewRp through Rawb, whose content I've followed for a long time. After a while, I decided to give it a shot and apply. I had done a lot of various RP in the past, and it helped calm my nerves immensely.

I started out with my first, and main character, Khloe Rivera (formerly), a tech-minded young woman who had run away from their criminal family who had kept her against her will for most of her life. Eventually she ended up applying and working as a Nurse in EMS under the DSN 102, where while working there she would meet Penelope Snow, and through her, Josie Jewel, both would later become her fiancées. Now she works with Penelope and Josie in the LSPD as Officer 50 of the Tactical Division, striving to keep the citizens of Los Santos free from harm.

My second most played character would be none other than Gaige Rose, a cunning young woman who lived on the streets for a large part of her life after being kicked out of her home due to her pyromania tendencies. After causing a bit of trouble in Los Santos, she's turned over a new leaf, going completely clean from crime and working at the LSFD at Probationary Firefighter 353, as a way to keep herself from causing trouble, while enjoying life off the streets.

You may also have seen me playing a number of other characters: Nathaniel Rivers, Pandora Ariadne, Billy Mader, Sarah Burns, Friendly Frank, Natalie Rivera, George Rivera, and Anna Taylor.