Featured Streamer - Boomdabah

Boomdabah joined TheCrewRp in April of 2019 after his friends Gabi_Bird and LivetoGame were having a blast with GTARP. Boom has been roleplaying for more than 4 years and streaming for 5. He first started with D&D in 2016. Ever since he has been hooked on finding mediums to tell a story of any size proportion. Never in a million years would he have thought the majority of his streaming content would become GTARP.

Starting as a family friendly streamer, GTARP didn’t quite fit the bill for Boom usual content. Typical games included PUBG, Apex Legends and almost anything that had PvP. It was a slow creep into streaming RP, but Boom found it had a nice mixture of interacting with others as well as creating a story that others could invest in.

Boom’s first character was Rick Galafackas. Rick originally came to Los Santos to become a cop or at the very least a private investigator. That all changed very quickly when he met G$ Cricketz and fell into a life of crime. Ricks adventures have spanned from being on the run from the police to meeting his ex-fiancé to exchange money for a goldfish.
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Over the past 6 months, Boom has expanded his horizons by playing a police officer character named Colton Woods. Originally Boom was intimidated by the police role and didn’t think it would work out. It wasn’t until Purple encouraged him to just apply because he thought it would fit Boom’s RP style. So the plan was to create a PD character just to enforce the law and give RP to others. After being accepted and going through training, Colton bloomed into a character full of story mostly due to meeting Crystal Walker.

Now through Colton's story, Boom is weaving a tale of a detective with so much on his plate. Every session is a fun mix of drama, comedy, real moments and a lot of laughs. There are big things to come for Colton as he searches for a way to free his father from prison, complete his bucket list with Crystal and work on being a good cop.

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