Featured Streamer - Inze

Featured Streamer - InzeNL

Inze has been a part of TheCrewRp community ever since it was founded. Initially, he followed Empyre, TGrumm, and citRa. Seeing the inclusive community and amazing stories, it didn't take him long to spend most of his days following a good dozen of people's stories.

At that time, the laptop he had didn't even come close to running any games, but at the start of this year, he got a new laptop for his uni-work, and Inze was able to apply for TheCrewRp!

Inze's very first character was Jack Harper, from Harper Cleaning: For all your cleaning jobs! Call me at 615-9367 or visit https://harpercleaning.org/. Granted, that's not how he started out. Initially, Jack was supposed to be an old man enjoying his retirement in Los Santos. Somewhere along the way, Jack turned out to be a complete idiot, and he got dragged into crime. About a month in, he was forced by the police to have a talk with Dr. Hart, basically to have a sanity check. At this point, Jack got hired for his first cleaning job, in Pillbox.

Not long after that, Inze decided to have Jack create a cleaning company - Fred_Pretzel told Inze, Felix Gilgully suggested it to Jack at some point, so Inze gives Fred credit - where his first job was hunting ghosts in someone's apartment, with Jack Jack Jack and two of his friends. Through time, HarperCleaning got its solid schpeel, which an abnormal amount of people on the server know by heart, and at some point Inze jokingly created a website for him.

Harper Cleaning
For all your cleaning jobs! Call me at 615-9367

Inze joked around for a while saying he would start streaming once he reached 50 followers (the requirement to get affiliate), figuring it would never happen. However, citRa decided otherwise, and during one of his streams, he had a good amount of people follow me, making Inze jump from 36 to 52. He started streaming the next day, and the rest is history. Inze's enjoyed every single stream so far, and thanks to the amazing support of this community, and others, he managed to get affiliate within 2 weeks!

Previously, Inze did some programming for citRa's stream, and at some point, citRa asked him to join TheCrewRp's dev-team, where he's been contributing to the server's development ever since.

Inze has played several characters over time, but only 3 that he plays fairly regularly: Jack, Fiona: the firefighter, Евдоким (Abe): the Russian crim.

Other characters are Bart Ender (created to introduce the bar-resource), Pietro Panini (his Porgini character), Silent Sammy (from when his mic broke) and several other smaller characters.

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