This server is in beta testing, it will be wiped a few times before we’re out of beta. What you see is not indicative of the final product.

You must remain in the Discord server to receive important alerts after your application is accepted.


General Rules (A single break may lead to a ban)


  • A Player Report Is Not Required For Moderator Action.


  • All players must follow Twitch Terms of Service Here


  • Admin Contact.
    • Do not message admins directly.
    • For in game questions, help or suggestions use the appropriate Discord channels for those discussions (#roleplay- feedback-and-compliments) (#tech-support) & (#ask-an-ambassador).
    • To report bugs or share feedback, suggestions or file a moderation report please use the support website.
  • Server Age Requirement 18+ (Including In-Game Characters)
  • Decent Microphone Quality Is Required.
  • Running/Sprinting while dragging/carrying should be avoided 
  • Suicide, Overdose & Rape RP is not permitted.
  • Stay in Character at all times, report issues after the role-play is finished. (This includes keeping the in-game OOC chat log to a minimum)
  • Meta Gaming, Power Gaming, RDM and Toxicity/Bullying Are Not Allowed.
    • Metagaming: The act of taking knowledge from outside the game to influence your role play decisions.
      • Using stream video, chats or Discord chats to come to a conclusion about a situation in-game. Your character should not "know" of a situation if you as a player heard about it outside of the game.
      • Should a character be permanently removed via Moderation action all rp surrounding that character should stop.
    • Power Gaming: The Act of gaining an advantage in an RP scenario through abusing mechanics or diverting from your character's physical traits or personality; this also includes using RP to give the other players involved no opportunity to interact or defend themselves.
      • Abusing /carry or taser mechanics to completely shut a role-play down.
      • Refusal to realistically roleplay your injuries that could and should impact the future roleplay of your character. Whether that be serious injury that should result in a stay at the Intensive Care Unit or a wound that may impact everyday activates.
      • No Value of Life: Not realistically fearing for your life in life-threatening situations.
        Example: If someone has a gun to your head or you’re threatened with severe bodily harm you would not suddenly run.
      • Not providing important context through /me when it's necessary; such as wounds to EMS when being revived or things a character should notice.
      • Using game mechanics in unintended ways (Including abuse of bugs/glitches).
      • You can not force someone to permanently kill their character (Unless agreed upon)
      • Avoid using more than one of your characters in the same storyline, or from directly or indirectly interacting with one another.
        • Indirect interaction is communicating with any of your other characters through another player.
    • RDM (Random Death Matching): The act of attacking another character without prior established role-play or without a noticeable reason for confrontation.
      • Randomly hitting a player with a vehicle without role-play.
      • Randomly firing a weapon with intent to harm without role-play.
      • Not having or providing context to an assault, or provocation.
        • If gangs have established a war they would not necessarily need to initiate a situation before attacking.
    • Toxicity/Bullying:  Do not bring unwanted behavior onto the server this includes actions on other platforms that involve the server.
      • Your behavior on social media matters. You represent each and every person who plays on this server. Do not use social media to harass people for what was done in-game under role play.
      • If you are found out to be harassing other players through any means you will be subject to punishment.
  • New Life Rule: If you are downed and manually re-spawn your character it forgets the immediate events leading up to being downed in the current scenario. You may not re-spawn if you’ve been advised that police or EMS are on the way to your scene.
  • Criminal Limit: You may have up to 4 criminals and optionally 1 hostage (which cannot be a criminal in disguise) in your party. This includes radio communication (Remote Players count toward the cap)
    • 5 criminals - No
    • 3 criminals + 1 hostage in disguise - Yes
    • 4 criminals + 1 hostage in disguise - No
    • 4 criminals + 1 real hostage - Yes
  • Permadeath: Should you choose to permanently kill your character they may not return to the city.
    • Permadeath should be stated through /me commands
      • Example: /me Has succumbed to their injuries, /me Perma or /me permadeath
  • EMS/Fire Department/Police Baiting: Baiting is the act of calling for services with the intent to leave, this can include setting off of bank alarms in quick succession without the intent of carrying out the act.
  • Evidence: Police, EMS, LSFD and Civilians may use screenshots as evidence.
    • Police, LSFD & EMS characters wear body cams while on duty and may take and submit screenshots for evidence without the use of the camera app on their phone.
    • Civilians may also use screenshots as evidence but only if the character is using the camera app on their phone.


Keep In Mind (Character Suggestions/Guideline)


  • Your character's personal traits (These do not need to be specifically defined but are something to keep in mind):
    • Your character's age and physical/mental abilities. Are you too old to be running as long and as hard as you have been? Does it make sense to be able to?
  • Avoid bringing in characters with predetermined stories that do not respect foundations laid by other players/characters: 
    • A new character should not come into the city already heading a crime family/gang. They do not have those connections, relationships or stories to build from.
  • Your story is not about winning, rather about playing a part and strengthening the story for all involved be it winning or losing.
  • Magical & Sci-Fi: Magical and Sci-Fi characters are not permitted, you are starkly human. (No Theoretical Science) This rule will go into effect on 7/1
  • Characters employed by LSPD, EMS, LSFD should avoid willingly breaking the law, this may result in termination from the role.