TheCrewRp Content Creators

Are you looking for an amazing Content Creator to watch?  Try one of these options.

TheCrewRp Stories: 

A website built by Hugzie where you can watch streamers live, all in 1 place. Because they are live videos, we remind you that if you meta-game, you will be subject to being addressed by the Moderation Team.

To Watch: Click on "Our Stories Watch Now" in the upper right corner click "log in."  You'll be logged in with your Twitch account. Then you should see the streams.  Enjoy the show.


An outside website, built by TheScottishRambler, that shows many GTA RP servers. You can see at a glance who is live and if they are playing GTA RP.  Hasroot also shows a Content Creator's character names, their top clips, when they've been on, and lots of other things.

To Join: When you stream put [TheCrewRp] in your title. ScottishRambler and his computer should add you after your first couple of streams. Reach out to SimplyAmanda in Discord with any questions, concerns, and your character names once you've joined.

TheCrewRp Twitch Team Page:

Twitch Channel that shows most Content Creators for TheCrewRp. It is a list of those with TheCrewRp Stream Team role in Discord. People with that role have 2 extra channels of resources for Content Creators. This is also how you are listed in the #live-now channel when you stream.

To Join: You have to agree to not stream other GTA RP servers. Reach out to SimplyAmanda in Discord DM to agree to the rule and to get added to the team.