TheCrewRP Gift Exchange!

Greetings Roleplayers!

The holidays are quickly approaching and this year we wanted to try something different to connect with each other and spread some cheer! Introducing TheCrewRP Gift Exchange where if you decide you participate you will give a gift and receive a gift. Details are under the new Gifting tab. Check announcements for everything you need to get started and use discussion to talk with fellow gifters. The deadline to opt in is October 31. Be sure to fill out the sign-up form if you wish to participate:

Featured Streamer - Silent

/*-->*/ /*-->*/ Featured Streamer - Silent

Silent joined TheCrewRp back in October 2019, following a several-year gap of little to no RP. Rawb streamed the server one day, and he saw the amazing stories that were being told. Silent had a series of characters that he didn't really play much. After that, he took a few months break, and came back earlier this year as THE BOULDER. From day one of playing Boulder, Silent was hooked.

EMS Re-Design!

Hello Roleplayers!

EMS Supervisors and CMT have gathered feedback over the past few days. During these discussions there have been many different ideas proposed. EMS supervisors and Community Administrators came to a decision on how to meet the needs of the community. That decision has been made to move all field medical operations aside from the HART team to Fire Department. Doctors and Nurse's will remain in the hospital system while those that decide they want to focus on responding to emergency calls will be accepted into the Fire Department.

Community Spotlight - Waldhar - October

Community Spotlight - Waldhar

Waldhar joined TheCrewRp in May of 2019 after lurking in Ezilii’s stream for well over a year and following another streamer who plays GTA RP. He was convinced to try RP when Ezilii mentioned that this server was welcoming to new roleplayers. Having never done any roleplay prior to TheCrewRp he instantly became hooked and loves every moment of it.

Last call for old Patreon Vehicles

Hey Patreon car owners,

Today is the last day to return and clear out your Patreon car trunks. 

Tomorrow we’re deploying the new vehicles and clearing the database. Since the database clearing can’t be prepped we have to delay the release till Midnight Saturday/Sunday. In short when you wake up Sunday you’ll have a new batch of vehicles. 

Sorry for the additional delay but devs need a bit more time fix the database.

Thank you fir your continued support.

Featured Streamer - Boomdabah

Boomdabah joined TheCrewRp in April of 2019 after his friends Gabi_Bird and LivetoGame were having a blast with GTARP. Boom has been roleplaying for more than 4 years and streaming for 5. He first started with D&D in 2016. Ever since he has been hooked on finding mediums to tell a story of any size proportion. Never in a million years would he have thought the majority of his streaming content would become GTARP.

Reminder: Patreon Refresh This Weekend!


All Patreon car owners have until tomorrow’s Midnight blackout to return your vehicles for the Patreon vehicle refresh. New Patreon vehicles will be made available at the 4pm Blackout on Saturday.


Patreon Refresh and Update

Hey everyone,

Thank you so much for your support. The team has been hard at work on a new patch and shortly after that patch, we'll have new cars for you! 

There will be some changes to the line up to improve customization options as well as server and client performance.  

To make this go smoothly we'll need you to clear your trunks and sell your Patreon cars back. This will not affect non-Patreon cars.

To sell your vehicle back simply return to the Patreon Garage and pull into the sell circle. Please ensure you've checked your trunks before doing this!

Upcoming Server Maintenance

Hello Roleplayers!

There will be maintenance done on the website and server from 1pm to 2pm Eastern, Sept 20th. This will be used to apply some security updates to the site along with rolling out a server patch. During that time the server and website will be down. Thank you in advance for being understanding and supporting the community!

Thank you,

Community Management Team


Featured Streamer - Inze

Featured Streamer - InzeNL

Inze has been a part of TheCrewRp community ever since it was founded. Initially, he followed Empyre, TGrumm, and citRa. Seeing the inclusive community and amazing stories, it didn't take him long to spend most of his days following a good dozen of people's stories.

At that time, the laptop he had didn't even come close to running any games, but at the start of this year, he got a new laptop for his uni-work, and Inze was able to apply for TheCrewRp!