August Streamer Spotlight: Jhonner

Hi, I'm jhonner. I applied for TheCrewRP back in August of 2019 after watching one of rawb's streams. Through that, it lead to me finding citRa, playing Wimley, and purple, playing RiCardo, causing me to fall in love with the idea of GTA V roleplay. 

Over the years I have made quite a few characters, but I would say that I'm most known for Rann Reynolds and Sylvester Demantino.

Rann Reynolds was originally my cop character who acted like a Vice City detective with a no nonsense attitude, often sporting a flashy, Hawaiian shirt. After being let go from the force, Rann went away for a few months to evaluate his life. Upon coming back into city, Rann quickly began to diversify his career doing everything from security work to selling houses.

Sylvestor is a whole other tale though. Originally a criminal, he made many connections throughout the city and did everything from holding up people with an ax to advertising his business of selling guns on twitter. Eventually, that old man needed a career change and became an attorney (after being denied for the police force). Not wanting to stop with a simple white-collar job, Sylvestor ran for mayor in the most recent election and ended up winning by a slim margin but not before stopping a mad, ice-cream terrorist. Who knows what he will now do with all that power.

Overall, my goal during roleplay is always to aim at making situations funny and goofy, even when putting on a serious persona, and just hope my fellow roleplayers laugh as much as I do.

I stream whenever I can at from 7pm to Midnight EST