Development Diary - January 2021

Garages Suck!

Well, they don’t really suck. We like garages, they are awesome and needed. However, the current garage system we use is not optimal. 

As such DaMightyLamb has taken on the project to rework our garage system, in combination with a couple of other scripts, that will improve how our system works and reduce the load on the server. What this means is that as a whole the server should perform better while also improving the player experience! 

While we are looking at several different options on how to tackle this problem, we feel we have found a solution we like. One of the major strains of our current garage system is that each of your vehicles is available at each of the garages. So one of the current options we are looking at is changing that functionality to local garages. 

What does this mean for you?

Well, no longer would you be able to store your car in Paleto and pick it up at the public garage next to MRPD. While an inconvenience, it is in fact more realistic, it also allows you to better hide your vehicles from PD. Got a storage vehicle you don’t want to be found? Hide it in a garage you rarely frequent! And if PD wants to search all your vehicles, well now they can’t just take you to one garage and have you pull each out, they have to put in the work to move you around, and make sure you don’t escape them in the meantime.

When will this happen?

That one is a bit harder to predict, this is a major rework of how the garage system works, not only for public garages but ones attached to houses as well. Is this definitely the system we use? No, it is a system we are testing and hoping to use and would prefer to use, but it might have to change if we can’t make it work with the rest of our server. 

Meet the new team!

Our team has expanded! Please give a warm welcome to DaMightyLamb, Gloryddd™ and SimNationJan! 

As we all know the development team has recently suffered some setbacks, and we are incredibly happy that these three have stepped up to fill some empty spots! They will be focusing on script reworks, vehicles and maps respectively and we can’t wait for them to show us their skills!

What else are we doing?

Silent and TheCrappyGamer:

Both of them have been working hard on squashing some bugs in our other resources, as well as working on giving some much-needed love to some of our already established jobs, such as the DoC.


Jan has been busy trying to rework some of our maps, to reduce the load on the server, as well as on your own computers. While also working to improve the look of our city and make it more unique.