EMS Re-Design!

Hello Roleplayers!

EMS Supervisors and CMT have gathered feedback over the past few days. During these discussions there have been many different ideas proposed. EMS supervisors and Community Administrators came to a decision on how to meet the needs of the community. That decision has been made to move all field medical operations aside from the HART team to Fire Department. Doctors and Nurse's will remain in the hospital system while those that decide they want to focus on responding to emergency calls will be accepted into the Fire Department.

Current EMS supervisors have reached out OOC in the EMS chat with a pinned message. They are keeping track of it to assist with the transfer based on your selection. If you have not made a selection please do so as soon as possible to the pinned message using the reaction icons, 1, 2, or 3.

Things to be aware of regarding the three main roles:

Doctors will do the majority of procedures within hospitals. Some examples would be writing prescriptions, leading surgeries or other major medical procedures. There will be more available positions for this role but decision for moving to a doctor role will be determined by your roleplay and OOC communication.

Registered nurses can assist doctors and other nurses in providing critical care to patients. RNs responsibilities (but not limited to): conducts diagnostics tests; dresses wounds and incisions; helps doctors during surgery; guides patient in their health habits; provides emotional support to patients and families.

Firefighter/EMT and Firefighter/Paramedic:
These roles are part of the Fire Department.  As a member of the Fire Department, you will respond to fire and medical calls.   Your responsibilities include responding to all fire and medical calls, fighting fires, treating patients on the scene using skills appropriate for in the field, and transportation of patients to the hospital.  Your medical training will cross over and the SOPs will permit you to provide appropriate pre-hospital treatment(s) like you do today.  As a part of your move into the Fire Department, you will go through training on how to fight fires and operate the fire equipment.  You will be welcomed with open arms and the expectations of respect, an "open" mind, positivity, active participation, and having fun.

Below is the detailed hierarchy structure that will be available within the new EMS design.

Those in EMS will be provided with more specific information regarding the new positions.

If anyone has any questions or concerns please reach out to a member of CMT or submit feedback via the support site at support.thecrewrp.net.

Thank you,