Featured Streamer: AjKitchens / GraMactv

GraMactv (aka Aj Kitchens) has been a staple character on TheCrewRp for almost two years now. GraMactv started on TheCrewRP back in April 2019 after watching Imperial Jedi and asked his viewers to join the server. Out of curiosity, GraMactv joined the server and has been around ever since.

GraMactv had no RP experience prior to join the server and so over the course of the server’s development and growth, he has been able to grow with the server as well. He strives to grow and stretch himself to be the best RP’er he can be and provide a quality interaction with everyone he meets within the city of Los Santos.

Prior to taking a 6th month sabbatical, GraMactv was on the inaugural Community Management Team and helped be a bridge between Mods, Devs and the Community. He served in this capacity for 4 months before stepping away from the server. While GraMactv does not serve in any official capacity for TheCrewRp currently, he continues to strive to be a bridge for the community and supports it in whatever capacity he can.

The primary character GraMactv has played is Aj Kitchens, President of the Vipers MC. Aj has gotten into all sorts of trouble from selling guns and drugs to being hired out as a hitman on several occasions. He is most famously known for his witty banter, purple and green MC Cut and skull tattoo which was recently surgically removed. GraMac has also played Percival Wormwood who was a member of the BCSO and currently plays Remmington Action of the Tac Division. GraMac has also expanded his RP to telling more narratively focused stories and is currently working on The Kingsmen Story line.

When not Role Playing – GraMactv is currently finishing his masters degree of Divinity in Biblical Studies. He also holds another master’s in Sport Administration. He also coaches a club hockey team at his college and has won two national championships with the women’s program in 2018 and 2019. Originally from Canada, GraMac has spent 10 years in the U.S. and is looking to stay permanently within the States to continue his desire to coach professionally at the college level. GraMactv self admittedly, is not a professional streamer but enjoys streaming RP to share stores, laughs and some horrendously bad dad jokes.


You can find him at https://www.twitch.tv/gramactv