Incoming Development Diaries

Hey Roleplayers!

Do you ever wonder why the developers have been too busy to add your custom toilet in that Paleto PD jail cell? Well the developers are pretty amazingly busy folk, and we have got the perfect thing for you. The development diaries are here on TheCrewRP website to explain a little more about what’s going on behind the scenes.The goal is to have biweekly to monthly diaries to keep everyone up to date on what’s new; what’s coming soon or in the works; and what each of our lovely devs have been getting up to!

We also want to hear feedback from all of you on some of the upcoming plans in the diaries! Your feedback is necessary whether you agree or disagree. Please send in your feedback through the support site and provide as many constructive points as possible to best help the devs understand not only the "what" you're thinking, but the why!

Thank you,
Community Outreach and Development Teams