October Streamer Spotlight: OriginalCen

Hey there, my name is Cen. I am a Nerd and an Artist; I play bass, paint, write poetry and short stories, and I mainly do my artwork on the computer. My hope is to make a cartoon one day. While we’re on the subject of art, I also cook; I spent over a decade in the culinary field. 

I’ve been role-playing for years. As far back as AOL chat rooms with themes ranging from X-men RP to weird High School dramas. I’ve been playing video games all of my life, and I love getting immersed in the characters. If a game has a character creator, I’ll spend more hours creating a character than actually playing the game. I also play Dungeons and Dragons, Numenera, and many other tabletop pen and paper role playing games where, once again I find myself focusing on the characters more than anything else.

Even though I’ve been doing stuff nearly my whole life... this server, TCRP and GTA RP are a very unique experience. I’m so glad I’ve been able to play with everyone here. Just getting to lose myself in the characters I’ve created.

I found this server thanks to my good friend Jhonner; I’d watch him while he played on the server and hang out with him while he played.

If I had to pick 2 characters of my own as favorites, they would be Tyson and Jordan Moore. They are the sons of my other character Jebediah but have different mothers. I made Jebediah first to learn the city and not be involved in the crime and PD side of the city-but he always ends up in some sort of chaos.

Tyson started out with the goal of being a security guard, hoping to work with Rann Reynolds (Jhonners Character). However, as luck would have it, the very first day, I got into a car accident with him and punched him in the face. So since that didn’t go as planned, I decided to find my own way on Tyson; figure out what he was meant to do in Los Santos. After being a civilian for some time, he ended up auditioning for an acting gig that led him to joining The Lost.

I created Jordon so that I could get a different perspective of things, learn the cop-side of things and that I could allow criminals to have a chance to do crime at lower traffic hours.  After making it through being a cadet, getting promoted to Officer, Jordan inevitably decided to become a detective and I’ve come to really love the PD side of RP. It feels a lot like being a part of a family

I currently stream as a hobby because I have the tools to do so. I don’t really expect anything to happen with it but I appreciate everyone who has stopped by to spend time with me.