Patch Notes - 01-31-2021 @ 4PM

  • Benny’s has been the sight of a ghastly international henchman attack! Who are they after, and who footed the bill for the renovations?
  • MRPD has been the centers of a ghastly bombing attack. Sadly, the interior of MRPD was a total loss
  • Pillbox has received scheduled renovations, and parking is now more convenient. 
  • The city has finally evaluated the effectiveness of the parks division and given them their own dedicated hotline, and park rangers are now fitted with dedicated radios to communicate with each other.
  • TAC division has finally gotten some much needed love, and all of their fleet has been battle-tested and adjusted for performance and handling. The TAC granger has finally received it’s much needed paint job. They've also been fitted with their own patrol car now.
  • Corrections has finally convinced the city that they need further funding. The city has agreed to allow them to detain and escort criminals and reduce sentences for good behavior. They are also fitted with their own armory for any future riots and break out attempts, and no longer have to wear their stinky uniforms home from work.
  • Additional optimizations and bug-fixes have been done throughout the system, and will continue to be done through the coming weeks.

NOTE: Due to time constraints, the DOC stuff was not finished in time for patch. As such, a subsequent "quick patch" will be released later in the week to introduce those changes.

As always, please report any bugs or issues to The CrewRP support site at