Streamer Spotlight: DidactGaming

Hey there Hims, Hers, and Xirs, my name is Didact and I guess I'm your featured streamer for this next allotted time period! I've been roleplaying here with The Crew RP since July of 2019 (coming up on two years, what?!). I was first invited (read: read an ultimatum) by MissMicheleJean (of Captain Jean Hart fame) to come join TCRP back before we even had a dedicated discord.

Detroit Collins (Walker) was my first and longest running character in the city joining Team Curtis at the end of the Organ Harvesters case and being an expert intel gatherer for the team alongside Delli, and Tussie. In the winter of 2019 he founded D&D Automotive with Delli Servess (played by Dreav) which still operates to this day.

Nowadays Detroit has taken a back seat while I enjoy other characters like: Porgini Pizza Playboy Giorno Giovanna, SADNR agent Garven "Dave" Dreis, Dark Wolves Enforcer Connor "Bear" Kowalczyk, the retired and extremely dangerous "Hobbie", and, of course, The Mothman. There's a fair few other characters that show up in my repertoire, you just have to keep an eye out.

When not in the city I usually play simulation games, Vanilla GTA Online, or D&D with other members of TCRP! Offline I'm a full time stay-at-home Dad. I like to keep my schedule at a consistent start time of 6pm cst Monday to Thursday (and an extra day or two if there's D&D) and usually go until I'm out of gas. If you haven't seen it here's that handy little link thing:

I'm super excited to be part of this community and to finally be featured! I'll see you all in town or on stream soon!