Streamer Spotlight: Muzicchik

Muzicchik found TheCrewRp on May 2, 2019. She had always been fascinated by GTARP and knew one day she would like to try it. One night during a riveting session of Multiplayer Truck simulator, her and PhoenixNymphy got talking and birthed their characters. The next day they joined and were instantly hooked.

Muzicchik started streaming in June of 2016.  She played lots of Minecraft and never expected anything to come out of it. Once she discovered that
she could stream Rocksmith her content was geared towards that and music, and the occasional indie game. She did this for 2.5 years until she got sucked into the world of RP. She has thoroughly enjoyed creating dramatic stories and is currently working on the "Crystal Project", a series of movies of Crystal Walker's story on YouTube. She still continues to stream GTA content but has shifted back recently into more of a variety channel which includes music and gaming. 

Her main characters are Sheriff Crystal Walker, Dr. Carlie Thompson and everyone's favorite taxi driving hick criminal, Claudia Clemmens.

And if you want to see her RP in action here you go: