Twitch Channel, Twitch Team, and Patreon Update

Hello Roleplayers,

We have a few updates regarding the TheCrewRp Twitch channel, stream team and Patreon. Going forward these existing accounts will unfortunately have to be deleted and recreated. This decision was made by the community lead and directors only. No previous administration or Ezili have any part in these decisions or future decisions in the server.

We have decided to not move forward with the TheCrewRp Twitch account ownership transfer due to tax reasons. Down the road we will most likely be creating a new Twitch Channel.

The stream team will be deleted because ownership transfer is impossible via Twitch. The team has to be either re-created or deleted per the options Twitch has provided. We plan on requesting a new Twitch team be created but do not have guarantees on that. In the mean time we ask you share your fellow community member streams in your streams or however you would like to do so.

If you currently are a patreon you may have already received an update that the billing has been cancelled and the page will be closing in January. This unfortunately was also needed due to complications with taxes and owner transfer limitations of the account. There will be a new patreon page available soon and we will announce that as soon as it is live. We have appreciated the support you have provided during the coming months. We will do our best to assist with some of the previous commitments any of you have made. Going forward there will also be some changes to patreon benefits.

Patreon vehicles will be going away in the very near future. This is required in order to meet Fivem terms of service.

Housing vouchers will no longer be offered going forward. If you have an unused voucher you will still be able to use them however they must be used by January 1st.  If you used a housing voucher and are planning to sell the housing, your voucher will be voided but you will receive the  market value of the home through ingame cash.

Exclusive cosmetics are being looked into for Patreons as an added benefit.

If you have any questions about your current patreon pledge and its benefits, please submit a ticket on the support site with the category "Patreon" so you can be assisted.

We understand that this is a drastic change but we are looking forward to providing new ways to give back to those in the community.

If you have any further questions or comments, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Community Outreach Team who can route those to the right place to get your answer.


Mr Grey, Carize, Sage, Purple


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