Update to Mechanics

Hello Roleplayers!

After much debate and consideration, the mechanic radio and phone line are going away, as are the markings in the icon list above.

We encourage everyone to check out the pinned how-to by Gloryddd in civchat to show how to list your advertisement in the in-game yellow pages when you are around. This how-to will be linked below as well. Time to work that hustle, wrench-swingers!

We also encourage everyone to use the yellow pages to get those mech fixes you need handled if there are mechs listed there when you are on!

Additionally -
Our wonderful development team has made the following changes to the server, which will be live at midnight blackout:
-Bean Machine has been renovated following the recent, tragic fire.
-Mechanic and hotline have been removed, and the mechanic job has been removed from the top right counters.
-Grapeseed airport storage location has been fixed.
-Larry's has rolled out some new lighting for their area.

Thanks for doing what you do,
Community Outreach Team