May Streamer Spotlight: SCSLucid

Well hello there! My name's Lucid, and I am the player behind Det. James Cole of the LSPD! Comparatively speaking, I haven't been around that long, but I applied January of 2021 after being introduced to the city as a good place to rebuild my RP. After two cities nearly destroyed the character, I needed a fresh start and The Crew gave it to me. Since joining I have been having some of the best RP I've ever had and some of the most fun I've ever had.

Featured Streamer: AjKitchens / GraMactv

GraMactv (aka Aj Kitchens) has been a staple character on TheCrewRp for almost two years now. GraMactv started on TheCrewRP back in April 2019 after watching Imperial Jedi and asked his viewers to join the server. Out of curiosity, GraMactv joined the server and has been around ever since.

Featured Streamer: EngineeringTuna

EngineeringTuna, or Tuna for short, joined TheCrewRP back in May 2020. Though this wasn't her first stint into roleplay. Tuna's been a part of several literate roleplay servers since she was in high school. Writing stories with people was fun but when she ended up joining a D&D game it became obvious that being able to voice the character was a lot more fun. One day she happenstanced on a few of the crew streamers and got to see a few of the stories that they developed. Tuna fell in love with the idea of this type of story telling and applied.

Town Hall

Hi Everyone!

Quick reminder for everyone that Town Hall is this Saturday January 23rd. 

The time has been changed to 4pm EST.

 If you've got questions remember to submit them on the form below. 
The earlier you submit your questions the better!

Thank you,
Community Outreach Team

Town Hall Questions/ Comments Form


Development Diary - January 2021

Garages Suck!

Well, they don’t really suck. We like garages, they are awesome and needed. However, the current garage system we use is not optimal. 

Town Hall Saturday the 23rd


Salutations Improv Digital Actors!

Our next Town Hall will be January Saturday the 23rd! What time you ask? No idea we want to figure that out. 

Below I'll be posting links to both the usual questions / comment form and also a poll to see what times work best for the community. Please take a look at it and vote so we can decide when Town Hall can be most convenient to the most people.

Thanks for your feedback,