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"Crime is Illegal" - LSPD

If you do the crime you might have to do the time, but what crimes should a citizen NOT do? There are a variety of criminal activities and most of these can only be discovered by finding someone in the city who is willing to share that information. However, in the meanwhile there are still a number of easily accessible enterprises available to the conscientous unconscionable bad guy. 

P.S. Some crimes can't be done unless there's a certain number of cops on duty.

 The Rule of 4

There is a limit of four on the number of criminals working together in one crime scene. If you want to have more than four criminals then you must inform PD out of character through Discord and have their agreement. 

From our rules page: You may have up to 4 criminals and optionally 1 hostage (which cannot be a criminal in disguise) in your party. This includes radio communication (Remote Players count toward the cap)

  • 5 criminals - No
  • 3 criminals + 1 hostage in disguise - Yes
  • 4 criminals + 1 hostage in disguise - No
  • 4 criminals + 1 real hostage - Yes

There is no limit on hostages however, if you want to have 4 criminals and 4 hostages then go for it. 



Number of cops required: 0

For the big baddy who's still a bit nervous about getting their toes wet. 

Just walk into any store, take an item off the rack and then book it. Just watch out, because PD is watching out for you.


 Store Robbery

Number of cops required: 2

Alright you've stolen some toothpaste and now you're ready to prove you're hard af by stealing some petty cash from a local grocery store.

Standard stores

These are stores run by NPC's and make up most of the stores in the city. There needs to be a minimum of two officers on-duty. To begin a robbery head to the back of the store and have a firearm or taser drawn. You should spot a circle surrounding the safe in the back room and you can walk up this circle and hit "E" to initiate the robbery. An alarm will begin to sound and the LSPD will be notified. You must stay near the safe until the timer runs out, if you move too far away the robbery will cancelled and you'll get nothing. Have fun RP'ing breaking into the safe and robbing the store, criminals who don't RP tend to get knocked out by a nightstick a lot more often. Treating a store robbery as a two person job is often a good idea since one person can focus on the safe while the other can watch out for and deal with any police who may arrive. 


These are player run stores, on the map they are the stores which have fuel stations right next to them. So for these stores it would be recommended to treat it as a two person job as well. Same process as stated above, but here you have a potential hostage so there is more interaction instead of waiting for a system to finish counting down.


 Jewelry Store Robbery

Number of cops required: 3

Do you desire big shiny rocks but have no desire to pay the obscene price that they go for? Well, with a few easy steps those jewels can be yours today for the low low price of cut arms from broken glass! Vangelico's jewelery store is located in the northern section of town and to start off the robbery you just need to walk inside with a firearm or T.A.S.E.R drawn then fire it within the red circle that you see as you step in! Best part about their security is that it doesn't exist and the only people that will be able to stop you is LSPD! 


 Bank Robbery

Number of cops required: 4

You're in need of cash. Banks have cash. Time for a withdrawal. 

Fleeca Banks

Little banks mean little resistance. However if you want to crack into that pesky safe you'll need a few specialised tools, and likely a hostage to keep PD at bay. Time to go make some underground connections.


Pacific Standard Bank

Big bank means big guns. Security is tight and they don't always ask questions first so firearms are recommended. They can fit a lot of money in that big vault but once again you'll need to find someone who knows what you'll need to even make it inside. 



Los Santos is a land of opportunity where whatever it is you need to rise above the rest can be found. Of course if you're interested in producing some of these delights then you'll need to find someone in the city who knows a thing or two about farming the fields. Drugs can be sold to NPC's but the real money always lies in finding players who want what you've got to sell.



Deadens your screaming thighs allowing you that little bit of extra speed during a footchase.


Gets you so off your face that you won't even notice that bullet lodged in your stomach. In some ways it's better than body armour!