Known Bugs and Workarounds

Sometimes things break, sometimes those things are hard to fix. So here's some ways to get around those issues for now:

Cars can't be refuelled if someone is inside them: Get everyone out of the car. 

Sending a photo by swiping right on the message app locks you in place: Just gotta relog I'm afraid

Can't refuel my car at the gas station: This seems to be caused by logging in when you have less than 100$ on you. So make sure all of your characters always have at least a 100$ on them. You can also just purchase and use a jerry can at the gas station pumps. If none of this helps then call a mechanic and they can refuel it otherwise you have to relog.

My character looks different: Go to a location where you can alter your appearance (A clothing store, hairdresser, plastic surgeon) and just fiddle with options. If one place doesn't work go to another.

I can't remove accessories with the K menu: Any accessories purchased during character creation, at the general clothes section of a store or the plastic surgeon cannot be removed. The way to solve this is to only purchase accessories at the accessory stands (These are the circles in clothing stores which only sell one kind of item)

Accessories from my different characters get mixed up when I use the K menu: No fix, if you want the right accessory then you'll need to just buy it again or have it saved in your house's wardrobe

I can't take off my glasses with the K menu: No fix, just gotta get them punched off or go remove them at the clothing store

My bullet proof vest is stuck on me: You can remove it at the plastic surgeon in Sandy Shores

Something not mentioned here is wrong: Clear your cache, that fixes most things

P.S: If you find a bug and a workaround let an Ambassador know and we'll update things here