The Clerks: First Step for Businesses and Licenses


Need to get a license to carry and purchase a legal firearm for your civilian character? Curious about starting a business? Wanting to get a license after being trained to fly, passing the bar exam, or after being trained to be a realtor? Then you’ll need to schedule an appointment with a city clerk. There are city clerks for many different times of the day and most appointments only take about five to ten minutes of your time.

 Where Clerks Work

The city clerks AKA records clerks work for the Data and Records Department, or DRD for short. They operate out of a wide range of government buildings ranging from the different city halls spread throughout the city, to the job center all the way up in Paleto. If one's around they'll usually have their phone number and location in an advertisement somewhere so just give them a call if you need directions.

 What Clerks Do

Clerks have access to information on every license and certification in the city, even if it isn’t handled by the clerks themselves, they’ll be able to point you in the right direction if asked about hunting licenses or anything else they don't handle. For a list of every license and what it entitles you to do, go to the DRD website at the bottom of this page.

Clerks can also do more than just licensing. The roleplay role is that of a government worker, and as such, anything you could think of that could fit into that role could be possible. Just ask the current chief records clerk who is the head of the department if your idea could work and you might even get support in doing it. Already established things you can do as a clerk include but aren’t limited to: fixing printers located in government buildings such as MRPD, data security, archival of records, transporting documents to government buildings, and lastly taking notes at city council meetings.


Clerks currently have two vehicles, a patrol car and a transport van. The patrol car is useful for clerks that are purely by appointment characters that might rarely be on duty long enough to be able to pay off a car. The transport van meanwhile is for when a clerk wishes to do a documents transport, these document transports are ways to enable white collar crime on the server by giving an avenue for criminals to steal blank licenses, paperwork, documents and the like. They will most likely have PD escorts and the more escorts the van or vans have, generally the more sensitive the documents are.

 How to Meet or Become a Clerk

If you’re interested in becoming a city clerk, making an appointment with a city clerk, or simply finding out more information on the various licenses and business rules/steps in the city, check out the in-character public website spreadsheet. Most clerks are open to organising appointments so just find anyone listed and DM them on Discord.

If you want to see other businesses that have registered, check out the business register that is also linked below which is also in-character information.

If you’re interested in making a clerk character, direct message whoever is listed to be the chief records clerk.