Community Culture

 The Vision Statement for TheCrewRp is

We are a roleplay community based on trust, friendship and love. This community has been created for all of us to not only spread positivity, but also to support and share the ups and downs, from our lives. Both on stage and in life!

For those who have been around TheCrewRp Discord for any length of time, two common phrases are repeated that help us build a community of love, friendship, and trust; Assume Positive Intent and Give Fearless Feedback.

These mantras help us develop a strong and expanding community!

Let us define these mantras.


 Assume Positive Intent

Assume positive intent means "Trust". Trust that other players are valuing your story and scene as much as you are. Checking in with your fellow roleplayer is always a good practice. Have a dramatic or comedic scene you want to include a fellow roleplayer in? A quick message and permission goes a long way to creating and building positive relationships and feel-good scenes. Community respect is a key value.

Being an 18+ server means that we are all adults.  When you meet a problem or are unsure of the intent of another player, DM them.  Tell them that you were confused about the choices they made.  Don’t let bad emotions, or thoughts of negative intent, fester. Communication is open. Love and positivity, while sounding like buzzwords, are better for your mental health than holding onto hate and negativity. If you have a problem and don’t know how to handle it, DM a member of Outreach.  They will listen and get you to the proper moderation or incident report form.

TheCrewRp also encourages interaction outside of our awesome city. Pick-up games happen often in #looking-for-group so suggest a game and get a group together. It’s a great way to build friendships with others in the community.

Compliments about this server come in daily from those applying, from chats through our TheCrewRp community on Twitch, from our friends at Hasroot, and several from those inside and outside our community. People are interested in what we’re building. They want to join in.  

On occasion some might find themselves frustrated and angry, assuming the worst of someone. It is important to take a step back. Breathe.  Find trusted friends to talk it out with. Reflect on possible reasons why someone may have taken an action without ill intent. If we can step away and exercise that approach, conflict can turn into progress and solutions. From there we can then have constructive, fearless feedback.


 Fearless Feedback

Getting and receiving feedback can be hard.  People don’t like conflict.  We’ve all had people lash out at us when we’ve given our opinions.  It doesn’t feel nice.  Maybe you’ve been hurt while giving feedback or while receiving it.

What is the best way to give feedback?

Things to Think About:


  • Is your message clearly written? Be as specific as you can, walk away, return to your post with fresh eyes.
  • Were you involved in the scene? Reach out with good communication about what worked and what didn’t. If you weren’t involved, then let those that were talk it out.
  • Are you still angry? In order to write the best feedback you can, you may need to take a break from the situation.  Walk away, breathe, then come back and have that conversation in DMs.
  • Also, when we don’t first assume positive intent and write, DM or chat from a place of frustration or anger we tend to say things we don’t mean. Name calling isn’t productive. Think about any feedback as you are reading it about yourself. What is the best way to get a constructive and good solution?


 Giving Feedback Fearlessly

Make sure your feedback is:

Well-intentioned Assuming positive intent means that you also have positive, not reactive intent. We recommend waiting at least an hour before providing feedback through DMs. 
Focused Continue to...or suggest doing…
Reasoned Why should they continue what they’re doing or try something else


Use the Acronym AID when giving feedback

Action                                  When you...
Impact                                 The impact is….
Desired Outcome         Next time….

Example: When you /drag instead of /carry people can’t get away if they choose to.  Next time, can you use /carry instead.


These mantras are more than just phrases.  They are key to building and keeping a great community. We thank you all for making TheCrewRp a wonderful gaming and roleplay community!