Game Controls

 Important Keybinds and General Commands

 Menu Navigation

Control Description
Enter Confirm Menu Choice
Backspace Go back one level or exit most menus
Escape Enter/Exit GTA V menu; Exit inventory menu
Up/Dwn/Lft/Rt Navigate menus


Control Description
WASD Movement Keys
Space Jump
Shift Hold while moving to sprint; tap to jog; double-tap while sprinting to toggle jog on
C Crouch
Left Ctrl Prone / Crawl

 Menus and Devices

Control Description
F2 Inventory Menu
F5 Phone Menu
F6 Job Menu
T Open command interface chat (used for text commands)
Page Up and Page Down Scroll through the OOC channel
K Clothes, Accessories (hat, glasses, etc), Emotes List, Invoices, Licenses, Walk Styles
M Open Tablet
Middle Mouse Button Swap to and from selfie mode when sending a picture through the Messages app

 Useful Text Commands (in command interface chat)

Control Description
/me <Text> Displays emotive text on your character in the game world (useful for communicating your character's condition or actions)
/drag Drags the player nearest player to you (will attach player to you); use again to release
/carry Picks up the nearest player and puts them over your shoulders; use again to release; Use when being carried to escape
/piggyback Carries the nearest player on your shoulders piggyback style; use again to release; Use when being piggybacked to escape
/cash Displays timed popup infopanel showing cash on-hand and in-bank
/ce Cancels emote that is playing currently
/ooc <Text> Allows for typing in the OOC channel at the top left. NOTE: This should not be used except for issues of system failure, like desync making an EMS call difficult or letting someone know their car is scuffed. All non-emergent OOC chatter should take place in Discord, not in the server.
/counters Toggles the counters in the top right that shows information of currently logged in jobs. Note this information is out of character.
/mmap Toggles the mini-map on and off. Note that the minimap is never shown while on foot.
/notes Brings up the Notepad if you have one in your inventory. Purchasable at grocery stores under "Diverse Stuff"
/roll Rolls a dice. Use format "/roll <Number of sides> <Number of Dice>" Ex: /roll 8 7 would roll 7 8 sided dice.
/clear Removes everything in the OOC chat box
/uninstance If you can see and hear people but they can't see and hear you, use this
/counters Toggles the top right indicators for services and player count
/syncproperties If you're having trouble with interaction circles try this


Control Description
N Activates Local PTT so those in physical range can hear you (usually N, but is set to your GTA V Push to Talk Setting)
Y Speak over radio. (Usually Y, but is set to your GTA V "Text Chat Team" setting.)
F1 Switches voice range: Normal, Shouting, Whisper. See bottom left for which you are currently on.


Control Description
V Changes camera view
F Distress Signal (While unconscious)





Control Description
F Enter/Exit nearby vehicle
E Honk horn
Q Tap: Select next radio station; Hold: Show radio station selection reticle menu
Down Arrow Activate / Deactivate four-way flashers
-/= Activate left / right blinkers
G Open trunk of unlocked vehicle when outside of vehicle
H Vehicle lights: normal, bright, none; hold while stopped to open/close vehicle convertible tops
C Look back while driving
X Duck
F10 Locks/Unlocks owned vehicles; Note: when using within a vehicle, works only with seatbelt off
F11 Seatbelt
Home Vehicle extras menu
Shift+E Push broken down car
L Alt+L Shift Toggles anchor (marine vehicle)
Z Cruise Control
Caps Lock (When Riding a bicycle) Sprint


W / S Throttle on / off
A / D Yaw left / right
Num Pad 4 / 6 Roll left / right
Num Pad 8 / 5 Pitch forward (nose down) / Pitch backward (Nose up)
G Toggle landing gear
L Mouse Fire mounted weapons (only for pilot if available)
Insert Toggle weapons camera (If there is mounted weaponry)

 Text Commands

Control Description
/shuff Moves yoru character from the passenger seat to the driver seat
/engine Toggles vehicle engine on/off
/hood Opens/closes hood
/trunk Opens/closes hood
/rdoors Opens/closes rear doors
/windown '0-3' Rolls windows down with 0 = driver, 1 = passenger, 2, back-left, 3=back-right
/windup '0-3' Rolls windows up with 0 = driver, 1 = passenger, 2, back-left, 3=back-right
/duewhereismycar Tells you where your car is
/givekeys Gives someone the keys to your car




Control Description
F6 Job Menu
Q Emergency Services - In Vehicle - Activates rollers going 'Code 2'
` Emergency Services - In Vehicle - Activate sirens (when rollers already running) going 'Code 3'
R Emergency Services - In Vehicle - Change siren tone (when already 'Code 3')
Up Arrow Emergency Services - In Vehicle - Stack Sirens
E Emergency Services - On Foot - Toggle locks in PD/EMS/FD buildings
Ctrl+B Police Department - In Vehicle - Open radar. "Ctrl" can be substituted for whatever you rebind "stealth mode" to
G Police Department - On foot (While Running) - Tackle

 Text Commands

Control Description
/Advertisement Post a public advertisement
/tow Mechanic - Standing beside flatbed and another vehicle - Load onto flatbed
/cams <Number> Police - Bring up CCTV System



Control Description
Spacebar Dive underwater
W (When underwater) Swim downwards
S (When underwater) Swim upwards
Shift (When underwater) Swim forwards




Control Description
L Mouse Attack
R Mouse Aim/Lock On
Space (While aiming/locked on with R Mouse) Tactical Dodge
Spin Mouse Wheel Select weapon
Tab Hold to select weapon; Tap put away / pull out last weapon
Q (While locked on) Kick
R (While locked on) Heavy punch




Control Description
X Raise both hands
B Point with one arm
U Ragdoll / "Flop"
Z Put hands behind head and kneel

 Text Commands

Command Description
/me <text> Displays emotive text on your character in the game world (useful for communicating your character's condition or actions)
/drag Drags the player closest to you (the player will be attached to you); Use /drag again to let go
/piggyback Carry the player closest to you "piggyback" style or use while being piggybacked to escape
/carry Picks up the nearest player onto your shoulder or use while being carried to escape
/bed Lie down on a nearby bed; Use /bed again to get off the bed
/roll <diceSides> <diceNumber> Rolls a dice
/ce (also /cancelemote) Stops the currently running emote
/emotes Lists the available emotes to use with /e or /emotes
/e <emote> Plays one of the emotes listed below

 'E' Emotes 

Note: Press T followed by /e <emote> where <emote> is an emote from below. (can also use /emote <emote>) (Example: /e sitc)

Emote Description
Smoke Smokes a cigarette
Weed Smokes weed
Sit / Sit2-9 Sits on the ground
Sitchair / Sitchair2-9 Sits in a chair position
Binoculars Uses Binoculars
Film Pulls out your phone like you're recording a video
Photography Takes a photoshoot
Notepad Writes on a notepad
Clipboard Writes on a clipboard
Lean Leans against a wall
Stupor Super drunk on the floor
Yoga Does yoga
Weights Pull out a barbell and start doing some reps
Flex Flexes
Weld Pulls out an arc welder and goes to town!
Fish Unfold your fishing rod 
Kneel Kneels
Medic Kneels and looks at wounds
Cheer Cheers
Cop Stoic stance
Sunbathe Sunbathe on your stomach
Sunbathe2 Sunbathe on your back
Dance1-100 Yes that's right. 100 Dance Emotes!



Control Description
A Accept; Press while moving to sprint / jog
X Jump / Cycle Weapons [in Vehicle]
Y Enter / exit a vehicle
Up [D-Pad] Ragdoll / "Flop"
Down [D-Pad] Main Menu
Right [D-Pad] Vehicle lights: normal, bright, none; Hold while stopped to open/close
vehicle convertible tops
Options / Start Map / Game Menu
Left Joy Stick Movement
R3 [While Holding] Crouch
L3 Prone