The Spiel

Are you looking for a way to financially support our growing city? We can only keep it going with your generous support. Patreon is the main financial resource for TheCrewRp.  Los Santos continues to make quality of life changes for all of its citizens thanks to Patreon supporters.  The funds raised directly cover the cost of servers, domains, and incidentals so that they can be maintained year over year.  

Take advantage of all the awesome in-game LOOT and tier privileges. Cars. Fast ones. 


Not in the City but want to support TheCrew? We have SPECIAL real life incentives as well. 



Head over to our Patreon page

Sign in to your Patreon account. If you don't have one then you'll need to sign up. 

Take a look at all of the tiers and rewards available and decide what level you want to pledge for.

Make that pledge.

You should immediately gain access to all digital perks. If you have any issues use the exclusive Patreon Discord channel  or #tech-support and someone will get in touch as soon as they can.

Thank you for your support.  We cannot keep telling stories and making the city uniquely suited for our roleplay without your help!  See you in the city or in the Discord.

 Getting Cars

If you select a reward tier which gives you access to cars, you can grab them from the Patreon garage, which is located in the city just North of Pillbox. At the garage, you will be able to view a list of what Patreon cars are available. Once you select the car you like you will be asked to input your Patreon email address. You can then put your car away at any garage, and pull it out from garages like a standard vehicle.

This car gets tied to whatever character you use to do this. This means that if you donate for two cars and give both to one character then none of your other characters will be able to use a Patreon car.

If you wish to swap a car to another character, whichever character owns the car must take it back to the Patreon garage. At the garage, select the "Sell" option and you will be able to free up a slot so you can redeem another car as a different character. 


 Discord Benefits

Did you know that there is a special role in TheCrewRp Discord just for you? It's easy to have that role, whether you are a roleplayer, a super cool viewer, waiting for your application, or just love hanging out with everyone in the Discord.

Scroll your mouse over your profile picture in the upper right-hand corner on Patreon.  A menu will pop up.  Click on "My Profile Settings"

Once you click, you will see this at the top of the page. 


Patreon Heading






Click on "Apps" and link your Discord account to your Patreon Account.

Congratulations!  You are now have the role "Generous Patreon"

When you go back to Discord, you will now see a channel called #Patreon-Channel.

In that channel, you can see a pictures of the in-game loot, chat with others that have generously given their support, and ask any questions you may have about accessing your rewards.