Fishing Hobby

  Getting Your Rod

You can give a man a fish or you can tell them where to buy a fishing rod: At YouTool. Just look for the orange calculator on your map


Once you arrive at YouTool, you want to head to the back-right corner. There you will be able to find the blue circle on the ground which you can interact with using the "e" key. You want to buy the fishing rod. You can buy the fish bait, however, it is not necessary. You can attach it to your rod for a higher chance of some bigger fish. Don't forget to pay at one of the cash registers in You Tool or you will have some explaining to do to our police officers!



 Teaching the Man with a Fishing Rod to Fish

Once you have your rod and your optional bait, you can head to any body of water, like the Alamo Sea or the ocean. Once your character is knee-deep in the water, you can pull out your fishing rod by hitting the F2-button and then dragging the fishing rod to the use-slot, like you'd do with food and drinks. If you have bought the bait, you can attach that to your rod through the same method. Good, you're ready to fish now. When there is a fish on your hook, a prompt will pop up telling you to press the F-button to reel it in. If you're using bait, make sure to re-attach it after each fish you've caught.

If you're looking for a bigger catch, you can use a whole fish as bait. However, you might get more than you've bargained for and LSPD don't look kindly on poachers. 


 Making Money

Why eat a fish when you can turn it into a profitable side-hustle?

To sell your fish, you'll want to make your way over to Hookies, location of which can be seen on the map (displayed by an H) or on the image bellow. Once at Hookies, head behind the building, there will be a circle on the ground where you can sell your fish by pressing E. For more exotic catches, you'll need to look around for a buyer who doesn't ask questions.