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 Getting an Aircraft

Shows the aircraft dealership is located at the Los Santos International Airport

You'll need a lot of cash but they can be puchased at the Aircraft Dealership, the black airplane icon on the map. For controls go to the Vehicles section and look under aircraft on our Controls page

Only the Fixed Wing Ultra Light can be flown by anyone and does not require a license. The Rotary Wing Ultra Light (Havok) does require a rotary wing flight license to operate.


 Getting a Flight License

If you want to fly legally then you need to get a flight license and of course to do that you must find a flight instructor character to be trained and pass a flight exam. 

Flight Instructors will assign licenses though the MDT and will collect License Fees to be paid to the City.

  • A license is for the Character, not Player.  Each character must pay for the training, record required hours, and pass an exam.
  • Felons and violent criminals must be 2 months clean before applying for training. Instructors will use the MDT to conduct a background check on the applicant.

Instructor and License Fees
  • Rotary Wing: Contact Instructor for Fee.  5 hour minimum training
  • Fixed Wing: Contact Instructor for Fee.  5 hour minimum training
  • License Fee and Renewal: 5K, every 3 months.  Paid to any Instructor.**


A 10K down payment for training required.  Civilians may make payments toward their fees in any amount after the initial 10K down payment and fees must be paid in full before the license will be issued.

Payment MUST come from the same civilian.  Players may not use their other characters to make payments.

Flight Instructors are required to record the payments made to comply with the above requirement of minimum fees.


If a student fails an exam, a minimum of one additional hour of training will be required.  The student may retake the exam 3 times. If after the fourth attempt, the student has not passed, the student will need to reapply and pay the full amount of fees again.  The student will pay an additional 5K for this training. If the student wants or requires additional training after this hour, a fee of 10K per hour will be charged. No additional fees will be required for retaking the exam.


*All fees are nonrefundable.

**License fees are collected by an Instructor and then delivered to the City Bank.

 Training and Exams

Fixed Wing:

Fixed wing airplane training is set in 1 stage with a practical examination/test which includes a propeller plane and requires 5 hours, including an exam.


Fixed Wing Test:

The final hour of training consists of an exam, which will include landing and taking off in a propeller plane at the Grapeseed Airfield/Mackenzie farm in addition to all other aspects learned during training.

This must be completed with minimal damage to the aircraft (it must be able to take off again and land without stalling).


Rotary Wing:

Rotary Wing training consists of 1stage. Training and testing will consist of taking off, landing, tight/precision landing, emergency procedures, and proper flight mechanics.  There are 5 total hours required for Rotary Wing training, including an exam.

4 hours of Rotary Wing training will consist of standard flight procedures taking off and landing. 

  • Those taking the Rotary Wing training are welcome to train for more than 4 hours, however that is not required. 
Rotary Wing Test

The final one hour will be a test on everything taught and learned as well as emergency landing procedures proper entering and exiting of the aircraft and tight landing spaces or small space landings.

 Rules and Losing a License

Remember these are City rules it is not against server rules to break these although your character will still face the consequences

  • Felony or violent crime is cause for revocation of license.  The crime does not need to involve aircraft. Flight Instructors or Police may revoke an individuals flight license.
  • If a civilian were to not pay their renewal fees for a flight license, the license will be revoked.


***Rule breaking is subject to License Suspension or Revocation***


No Fly Zones

It is forbidden to fly any aircraft over the following areas:

  • Boilingbrook Penatuary
  • Aircraft Carrier
  • Military Base
  • Airports UNLESS Taking off or Landing



Landing aircraft may only be in designated locations.  

Under no circumstances should any aircraft be landed on a public street, road, interstate, or otherground vehicle roadways.

For Fixed Wing aircraft, the following locations are permitted:

  • LSIA
  • Sandy
  • Grapeseed


For Rotary Wing, urban landings require a city approved helipad (any location with a “H” or a number) with the following EXCLUSIONS:

  • Any Hospital including, but not limited to: Pillbox Medical, Paleto Bay Medical
  • Any Police Station including, but not limited to: Mission Row Police Department, Paleto Bay Police Department.



While flying above the city, the aircraft must remain above the Maze Bank tower at all times.  The only exception is Landing and Takeoff from Runway 21 at LSIA.

Seatbelts should be worn at all times while flying until the aircraft comes to a complete stop.

If under 15 fuel, land the aircraft safely at a designated location and refuel (or store) the aircraft to avoid an unnecessary accident due to running out of fuel mid-flight.

Wearing a parachute is advisable due to unforeseen issues during flight that may require you, or a passenger, to evacuate the flight.


Use of Aircraft for Rescue

Under no circumstance may a civilian use any aircraft to rescue another civilian.  This is the duty of Police, EMS, and Fire Department. If any civilian is found attempting to or impairing in any way a rescue of a citizen via air, the operator will have all flight licenses suspended pending review of the incident.


Emergency/Crash Landings

In the event of an emergency or crash landing, the pilot must notify Police and the FAA immediately.  Flight Camera footage may be used as evidence of negligence.